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Underage characters are under draftable age. This means 18 for girls and 20 for boys. They MUST age up with the board. They will not be drafted until the appropriate age.

  • They must grow up with the board. That means if you make a 16 year old, you must wait until they are 18 (or 20) to be drafted. There is no skipping years to make them draftable.
  • Interactions are limited. Girls over the age of 11 are in boarding school (prior to 2190, all girls six and up went to boarding school and that is all your playable characters will have known), and boys are home. Although the chips do offer a bit more freedom than the sensor bracelets, underaged characters are watched more closely.
  • The youngest character you can make is 16. The oldest underage character is 17 for girls and 19 for boys. They must be at least six months out from their draftable age.

That said, you can still play interactions within the various school buildings and sponsorships for the boys when they turn 18. There is also family interaction and meeting with friends during holidays and weekends.