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The Trust is, of course, your benevolent dictatorship. They've been in power for over one hundred years and show no sign of weakening or loosening their grip.

Early Days

The Trust first began to come to power in the early 2020's. At first, they were little more than an extremist Christian political party, similar to the Tea Party of the early 2000's. Their big break came in 2030, when they secured a majority in the House and Senate. They were able to begin passing controversial legislation right away, but they consolidated their power in 2040 after they staged a terrorist attack on Washington, D.C. This led to the Bleeding Years, a short civil war that ravaged the Eastern Seaboard and left Washington, D.C. in ruins.

After the Bleeding Years, a more moderate version of the Trust rose from the ashes. This government promised to care for the citizens, and to be the example that would lead the world. They didn't immediately clamp down on citizens, choosing to gradually increase their control over the citizens. They had a great deal of support from the citizens of the former United States, at first--the guarantee of a job and housing were powerful motivators. In 2060, the Draft program was rolled out. The Trust claimed that the Draft would reduce the divorce rates and strengthen the family unit. It was initially voluntary, but as time went on, it became mandatory. By 2090, every adult citizen was entered into the Draft when they came of age: twenty for men and eighteen for women.

The borders of the former United States were closed in 2100, after a number of citizens attempted to flee to Canada. The Trust arranged for Mexico to join the Trust not long before the borders closed.

Government Departments

Those men that show talent, dedication and loyalty will get to work for the Trust itself. Test results will say ‘government’ and further testing will determine what career path they embark on from that point. Some jobs are strictly desk work, other occupations might require field work.

These are just a few of the most important departments though there are many more.

DOM - Department of Marriage

If it has to do with your draft, it comes through this department. It’s the biggest and likely most complicated of departments. It oversees the drafting process, and is responsible for making sure that the items you receive upon your draft are at the right place at the right time. (IE house, cars, rings, draft bonus, debit card)

They do worry about hackers and making sure that their rather complex computer system isn’t compromised. Anyone that works in this department has extreme computer skills and this is the department that came up with the algorithms that we use to draft from.

DOE - Department of Education

This department is in charge of the education that our young citizens receive. These are the people that decided in the wake of the “Disaster” to integrate education to help save space and building materials.

DOD - Department of Defense

Anything having to do with the military begins here. You can only end up in this department after service in the military. The Defense Department makes sure the borders are secure, and they provide security and authorize any international travel.

DOH - Department of Healthcare

This department is in charge of making sure we have enough healthcare providers and the needs of the population are met. If there is a need for doctors, or other healthcare related fields, they can override an aptitude test and place you into what they need.

HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development

They are in charge of all construction, repairs, and keeping things running smoothly when it comes to housing.

DOB - Department of Banking

Paychecks, inheritance, grants, pay raises all come through this department.

DOJ - Department of Justice

Lawyers, Judges, Courts, Cops… that’s all in here.

DOEC - Department of Energy Conservation

Making the planet “green” is still an issue. That’s what this department does.

DOT - Department of Trade

Setting up trade with foreign countries.

DOC - Department of Census

This department controls the new chips that are being implanted in the citizens at this time. This is a new department, and as such, is still working out the full extent of their reach. They coordinate with the DOB, DOJ, DOM, DOH and DOE.

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