The Ashpoint Incident

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The Ashpoint Incident happened on April 1, 2190. It led to the abandonment of Ashpoint, Massachusetts and the relocation of a number of its citizens. It also happened on the same day as terrorist attacks in New York, Los Angeles, and Denver, which led the local government to assume it was related and come down hard on anyone who might have rebel ties.

The Ashpoint chapter of the Radicals had an explosives cache in their underground hideout. A government double agent went poking around and was caught. A struggle ensued and the explosives were accidentally triggered, making the ground underneath the city dangerously unstable (because of the abandoned subway tunnels beneath it).

The whole city block directly above the explosives cache would have been destroyed. Anyone in the tunnel when the explosion happened was killed or shot on sight if SOAR operatives found them. For simplicity's sake, let's assume that the explosives cache was directly under the mall and that the explosion happened after hours, so there were minimal civilian casualties.

The Trust is pretty efficient so EMS would have been dispatched right away.

If you have characters from Ashpoint who aren't involved with the police, fire department, or ambulance, a government agent would have appeared at their door and notified them that Ashpoint was being evacuated.

The government would already have begun to have housing arranged for the residents of former Ashpoint, being as efficient as they are. Ashpoint residents would have been relocated to Fall River, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, Tidewater, Rhode Island, and numerous other locations in New England.