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The former United States is divided into thirteen Federal Regions, rather than states. The capital is located in Denver, as Washington, DC was destroyed before the Trust ever came to power.

The regions are as follows:

  • Region 1: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut
  • Region 2: New York, New Jersey, Delaware
  • Region 3: Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland
  • Region 4: North and South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia
  • Region 5: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana
  • Region 6: Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri
  • Region 7: New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
  • Region 8: Montana, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado
  • Region 9: Washington, Oregon, Idaho
  • Region 10: Nevada, Arizona, California
  • Region Eleven: Mexico
  • Region Twelve: Hawaii
  • Region Thirteen: Alaska

Travel between the regions is unrestricted with the exception of Alaska and Hawaii.

Alaska and Hawaii

Alaska and Hawaii are completely inaccessible to residents of the mainland United States and Mexico. As far as the citizens of the Trust know, Alaska is a barren, irradiated wasteland incapable of sustaining life, and Hawaii has been made uninhabitable by unpredictable volcanic eruptions. Most don't know or care what goes on there.

The truth is, Alaska and Hawaii are both secret government property. There are sweatshops in both locations (your clothes and electronics have to come from somewhere!). In addition to the sweatshops, Hawaii is home to brutal farms and sugar plantations, and Alaska is home to mines for gold, zinc, lead, and copper.

Political dissidents and other "undesirables" are sent to Alaska and Hawaii if they are not outright executed. None ever return.

You may not play a character who has been to Alaska or Hawaii.


In the 2090s, the Trust and the government of Mexico negotiated a deal where Mexico could join the United States. The Trust wanted for the people of the United States to have a paradise, and Mexico wanted the security its northern neighbor could offer it. Mexico was an official part of the United States by 2100. Spanish has fallen into disuse, although a lot of the natives still speak some. The dress code is more lax in Mexico, but ultimately a woman has to dress the way her husband tells her to. Until 2190, Mexico was also the only place under the Trust's control where syn (synthetic alcohol) was allowed.