Problem Drafts

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Problem Drafts

There are a lot of ways a draft can go badly. Matching people is a tricky business and as good as the computer algorithm is, it can only do so much. Here’s what happens if your dirty laundry goes public.

Help! My spouse bats for the other team!

Male homosexuality is punishable by death if acted upon, so that one ends pretty quickly if you report them or should they be caught thanks to their own misstep. However if there’s no firm evidence of an affair they will be admitted to Brighter Horizon’s for treatment. You will either have your spouse returned to you or remain married until your spouse is deemed uncureable and you are freed up.

If it’s your wife in line at the taco stand? Female homosexuality is the sort of thing that cops will meet with a “you lucky guy” kind of smirk when you report it. You can have your wife attend re-education classes to remind her whose pants she should be trying to get into. Largely it will be a slap on the wrist (with a giggling remark about the fun you’ll have once you can hire a live-in).

Help! My spouse is violent!

Domestic abuse is considered deeply private and a bit shameful. People generally pretend they don’t see it or try to explain it away. However if your spouse requires medical attention and they choose not to lie for you, you’ll be arrested. Those arrested for domestic abuse will spent a “cooling off” period in lock-up until the authorities see fit to send them to re-education courses and eventually send them home. Attempted murder is enough to have your spouse executed and the only way to break a draft like this short of murder or murder via self-defence.

Help! We’re fighting like cats and dogs!

If your neighbours are calling the cops on the regular for your screaming matches, you can expect to be assigned to re-education classes both separately and together. You’ll also be assigned to couples therapy with a schedule decided by the therapist.

Help! My spouse is a criminal!

If you’re going to accuse your spouse of something and report them, you better get your evidence together. The police are no strangers to unhappy spouses coming to them with flimsy stories trying to get their partner arrested. You’ll need solid tips and good evidence to get them to take the bait and if your case is transparent enough they might tell your spouse what you’ve done.