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Prior to the Ashpoint Incident, at the age of 6, young girls were fitted with sensor bracelets before being sent to boarding school, only returning home on the weekends. Since the move, the Trust decided that the former residents of Ashpoint would get prototype microchips implanted once they moved to Tidewater.

For all intents and purposes, in the future, all children are chipped between 11-13. You can find more information about the chips .

Girls begin school in mid August of the year they turn 6. They will attend St Thomas Aquinas Primary School, a co-ed educational facility, until the year they turn 11, and then they will move on to St Martha's School for Girls to prepare for their future lives and husbands. Read about the education [[1]].

If girls do well on their tests and in their studies, than most will receive their draft packets just after their 17th birthday. If drafted as soon as possible, then your character will be 18, and in theory already know of their draft. OOC, this isn't possible, because such things aren't decided until after you've joined and ratios work, but do keep that fact in mind when making your character. If you're joining as a female who is waiting on their first draft, they got their information a year before they are actually drafted.

The first draft for females happens anytime between the ages of 18 and 21 depending on her exit exams.

What decides if a bride graduates?

[this for more information!]

Now what about the brides that become widowed. Is it an entire year before they are drafted again?

The length of time between when a woman is widowed and when she is redrafted depends on how well she did in school. In general, brides get at least 4 months to learn their next husband. This means she will have at least six months between drafts. In between her drafts, she will attend refresher classes at St Martha's to help make sure that she recalls how to be a good wife.

OOC: Sometimes there are a lot of redrafts. We'd like you to say there was at least six months between drafts.

Is there anything that would make a bride ineligible for a redraft? A woman can be drafted up until the age of forty or until she gives birth to at least one living child.

Women waiting for a redraft will attend weekend refresher courses at their local boarding school until they are redrafted.

Dress Code

Undrafted women that are not in school may not wear pants, shorts or flats. They must wear skirts and dresses and heeled shoes. If she is at school, she will be expected to wear the proper uniform. Once she is drafted, her husband can allow her to wear pants, shorts and flats.

Undrafted women can only wear one piece bathing suits. Once wed, two pieces are acceptable if the husband allows it.

As a note - Please keep in mind that these girls have worn skirts for all of their lives. Perhaps on the weekends their parents let them wear pants/shorts around the house, but any public activity would be in skirts. And heels. Or wedges. Wearing pants for the first time would feel odd. Different. Perhaps even like everyone was staring at you.


Drafted women either drive SUV's or Minivans, depending on the choice of the government. OOC - Players choice.

These vehicles will be waiting at their new homes once they are drafted.

-What happens to her vehicle if she becomes widowed and can be drafted again?

Cars don't really have model years anymore. The body is the same from year to year. If a woman is widowed, then her car is taken away and given an overhaul and returned to like new condition before being given to a new bride. When she is redrafted, she'll get a new vehicle.

-So it's possible what they think is new is just refurbished?



  • Drafted women can work, if the following conditions are met:
  • Her husband must agree to her working.
  • The job cannot get in the way of her main job, being a wife and mother
  • A pregnant woman may not work past the 24th week of pregnancy.
  • If a woman's children are under six, she may not work.
  • If the children are in school, her job can only be during school hours.
  • Drafted working women will earn $500/month. It is added to her husband's bank account, and he has control over how it is spent.

How do wives get money?

Technically, they don't. All money is routed through the husband's bank account. He receives this account when he begins working. When drafted, a debit card is automatically issued to the wife. This card contains her $1000 bonus for getting married, and then each month, $500 is given to her for toiletries and groceries. It is up to the husband to raise this allowance if he wishes, but he can never lower it.

How do drafted women get jobs?

She looks through the paper, or online, or asks around. Unlike men and widows, a drafted woman will have to do all the legwork to obtain a job.

Can a draftable female have a job in between drafts?

Unmarried women may only volunteer part-time, even if her male relatives would allow her to have a regular job.

Can a draftable female have a job while waiting for her first draft?



The positions held by drafted women are generally ones that utilize skills and knowledge they learned in school and at home. They don't generally require extra training. Employers will look at school records to see if they fit the position being offered.


Candystripers work at hospitals and nursing/retirement homes. They visit with patients, bring them food/medicine and can assist them with bathing and grooming. Generally, when it comes to bathing, they only help other females or the elderly. They can help a man if his wife is unavailable (or he has none) and he cannot do it on his own. However, an orderly (dressed all in white with blue trim) or nurse (dressed all in blue) either supervises or sticks his head in every few minutes. They can also assist midwives. Candystripers wear white scrub tops (any style) and pink scrub bottoms (any shade) to differentiate them from midwives or doctor's assistants.


Secretaries answer phones, schedule appointments, file papers, bring food/coffee and other kinds of tedious tasks that men don't want to do. Dress code is decided by the employer.


If a man is unmarried, he can hire someone to clean his house for him when he's not there. Maids only clean, they don't prepare meals or look after children.


Wives can work in shops and boutiques that tailor, sew patterns, or make alterations for male and female customers.

Catalog Model

Drafted women can be hired to model clothing for catalogs, however it may require them to fly to another location for a shoot. For Tidewater, this usually means flying to New York or Boston but they would usually fly them back that same day.

Film/TV Extras

Wives are allowed to star in very small roles (filming could be done in a day). This isn't a kind of guaranteed work and she couldn't get 'famous' for it. They wouldn't even list her name on the credits but they do pay her.


They can seat customers and go around and take orders. Tips are not allowed.

Retail Associate

Ring up customers, help them pick out items. In the lingerie shop, only females can be employed there.