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The most minor of crimes will land you in a room with a desk, chair and television. For the next eight hours, you will be subjected to instructional videos on proper behavior. If these videos end before the eight hours is up, they repeat. At the end of this time, you will be given a test that you must pass with a score of 100. If you don’t pass, you keep watching until you do.

The next level is a holding cell. This can last anywhere from 24 hours to 2 weeks. This punishment is meant as a cooling off period. This is used for abusive husbands, people that get in fights and people that cause property damage. Once your time is up, you are released back home. There are two bunks in each cell, and the cells face each other down a long hallway. There is no privacy.

Women don’t get a separate facility. Most of the time, they will be able to place her in her own cell a few down from any men that might be occupying other cells. If crowding is a problem, then she might find herself surrounded by men, or in very rare cases, bunking with a man. The guards would take extra patrols to make sure that she isn’t harmed, and every precaution would be taken to ensure she’s not put in with someone violent. However, if she was tough enough to earn time, then she’s tough enough to hold her own.

For the most violent and volatile prisoners, you are put in a solitary confinement cell. These cells are meant for one person. There is a small window that lets in light during the day and a metal toilet in the corner. That’s it. You must sleep on the floor. You are given water and oatmeal like slop to eat. When the sun goes down, you have no more light. Just the darkness and the sounds of rodents keep you company.

Executions also happen here. There is a separate building where those on death row are held. They can visit with family and eat final meals in some comfort. Execution is via lethal injection.