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Just like so much else in this Trust future, women's reproductive rights are also highly regulated. But since they're trying to present a new more lenient government face, certain laws have been relaxed lately.


The bracelet's that women used to be outfitted with were equipped to sense pregnancy. It was recorded in the system and was automated to send the couple a letter notifying them of their upcoming arrival and schedule their first doctor's appointment. This system was scrapped along with the bracelets. Nowadays you'll have to go out and get a good old' fashioned pee stick if you think you might be pregnant.

A woman is allowed to birth three babies and they must all be with the same man. Once they reach that limit (or the husband they have had children with dies) they are sterilized. A baby must exit the womb alive to count. In the unfortunate circumstance were a woman is pregnant with more children then they are allowed (ex. trying for the third child and conceiving twins), they will have to give up any extras. They can provide a gender preference, but beyond that the child they keep is chosen at random and the other(s) is put up for adoption.

Fetuses are tested diligently for abnormalities and other issues. Many problems can be fixed in the womb at this point and some aesthetic changes can be made for a price. In the event a doctor finds a fetus that will not survive they help along the "miscarriage". In the rare event that a child is born with too many problems they are deemed unfit and confiscated. The Trust doesn't wish to burden their families with children who cannot succeed. It is important to note that this bar is a bit higher for female babies.

Giving Birth

Midwives vs. doctors has always been up to the couple (but the husbands generally have veto power over those silly hysterical pregnant ladies). Once a baby is born, they are immediately tested for paternity. If the paternity doesn't match up the way it should, the wife is immediately executed. The Husband can choose to keep the child or to put them into an orphanage.

Home births have been recently reintroduced as an option if a hospital birth feels too hectic for you. A Trust-mandated Midwife will move in with you close to the date to help the wife prepare and be sure she doesn't get caught by surprise. Once you've delivered, the midwife will preform the mandatory paternity testing.

Post Birth

After the birth, the Trust allows women two-years of the only legal birth control around. They are given a diaphragm that they must turn in to be destroyed either on their child's second birthday or on their next pregnancy's first doctor's appointment should they be expecting sooner. The Trust does understand the stress that births back to back can put on a couple and they'd rather give their citizens the option to space them out. However, if you considering trying to make a quick buck selling your's, be aware they are marked with serial numbers registered to the user. The consequences for improper use are very serious.

Childcare is also Trust regulated. There are daycares largely manned by widows that you leave your children with for a very reasonable fee. After all, the Trust would like you to try your relatives first, but they've got you in a pinch. Unmarried women and students also help at the daycares, but only as volunteers.

Alternative Methods

If a couple is having trouble conceiving, In Vitro Fertilization, IVF, is a service the government will supply for you. Recently they've started a regulated sperm bank, it's just been rolled out for the entire country after a small test area. Samples are picked at random from donors that matched the father's basic looks. All donors are recorded strictly with numbers, there will be no way for children to find out where they're really come from should they ever figure out that dad was shooting blanks.

If you'd rather pass on the needles, the Trust encourages adoption. Most major cities have one or two orphanages, they'll be thrilled to get your call to set up an appointment and see if they have the right bundle of joy for you.

When it comes to adoption, these children will the same baby slots are birth children for a woman. So don't think of this as a way to get extras necessarily. The only way to reach beyond your three guaranteed children is to have guardianship transferred to you via a last will and testament. The Trust does prefer to keep families together and has a little bit of leniency in times of grief.