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How much does a man make a year?

The government pays most of your bills. Well, actually, they simply take the money out of your check before you ever see it. These bills include mortgage, utilities, water, cable/internet, insurance and car payments, etc..

  • Undrafted men get 1500 per month/18000 per year.
  • Drafted men get 2000 per month/24000 per year.
  • A drafted man with a child gets 2,250 per month/27000 per year.
  • Each additional child brings in $250/month.

$500/month from the husband's pay is deposited into the wife's account for household expenses. The husband cannot decrease this amount.


Because you can be drafted as young as 20, there's a chance that you'll still be in school when you get that draft notice. Since the man will be gaining a boatload of responsibility (in the form of a wife and home), you get to get a part time job!

This part time job will relate to your future career.

If you haven't been drafted before and are still living at home, you'll get a special insert giving you details on your new part time job. At most, you'll be working two days a week for a total of 15 hours. This same letter will tell you where and when to show up.

This job will be related to your career so you can benefit from it. It's likely to be rather mindless and easy, as they don't want you to be distracted from your education. For example, a man training to be a chef might be a waiter or a busboy. If you are going to be a CEO, you might do filing for a company, or perhaps answer the phones.

What's the income from this part time job? That's an excellent question. Because this is a part time job, you would only earn $1000/month, with your wife getting $500 for her reserve. So really, you are only bringing home $500/month. If you have children while still in school, your income goes up by another $250/month.

For the few short months between graduation and your first real job, there is no income. PLAN ACCORDINGLY

If you are not drafted while in college, then you earn no extra income and have no part time job.

What if he is widowed while still in college? Does he have to go back home?

If your wife dies while you're still in college, you can choose to keep or give up your part time job. (Your take home pay would remain $500, the government would simply stop paying your wife's share) You can also choose to move back home. Your house will simply sit vacant for you until you are drafted again.

What if he has a child?

If you have a child, a live in is automatically appointed, and she gets the wife's share of your salary. You can still move back home, with your child, and your parents would get a bump in income from having two children back at home. The live in would be optional at that point.

How do they get their money?

It is directly deposited into their bank accounts every pay period.

If a man gets widowed and has children, does he still make the same amount?

If your wife dies, then you have to subtract $500/month from your take home pay. You don't get to keep your wife's share.


Drafted working women will earn $500/month. It is added to her husband's bank account, and he has control over how it is spent.

When widowed, you will receive a new bank account with $1000 from the husband's money in it. After that, they earn $500 a month. She can keep whatever personal items she might have had from her marriage, including all jewelry, clothing and other important articles. She is moved into the widow complex.

Does a woman find her own employment or is it assigned?

Widows- The trust will find you a position if you don't sponsor full time. Drafted - You must do your own legwork. Paper, Internet, Word of mouth.

Can a woman be fired? Quit her job?

Either the boss or the woman can ask for a transfer.

There will rarely be a period that a widow is without a position.