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The aptitude test can place you in the military. There is no volunteering for the military. The test will give you the branch you will serve in, and you can be assigned to different positions as the Government needs. You get to choose nothing. This is for life. There is no 4 year term.

What do they do?

They patrol the borders and help keep our country secure.

What about gear? What do they wear?

Uniforms vary based on the area you are assigned to guard. But they aren’t all that different from what the military wears today. Each branch has it's own distinct uniform. Weapons are much the same as they are today. Each weapon is matched to the chip that the owner has. The guns are programmed to only work properly for the people they are assigned to.

Do they get to leave the country?

No. Military personnel can go out into US waters, but that's as close as they get. Only ambassadors can actually exit the country. Characters that have left the country or been to Hawaii or Alaska aren't allowed.

The US has been at peace since the Trust took over power. This means the military doesn't really have all that much to do. Regardless, the higher ups believe in being prepared, so the military goes through the same training that they would today. In special cases, Police and Military work closely together.


This is the largest branch of the military, and most likely is the branch you will be filtered to via the aptitude test. Mostly, this branch patrols the borders, although they are not allowed to cross it. Because this is the largest branch, corruption is rampant, and several black market rings operate out of this branch of the military.

Air Force

The Air Force patrols the borders from the air, and act as spotters during missions. They fly over high risk areas, and is one of the few branches that can leave the mainland.


The most secretive branch of the military. Unless you are actually in the Navy, no one seems to know exactly what they do.


This is pretty much the secret police of the Trust. If a Marine is sent to patrol the border, it's a punishment. These folks track down draft dodgers and those that pose a threat to the Trust. Their main job is counter-terrorism.


The objective of the military is to control the borders. They work for customs and inspect shipments that come into the States from other countries. The Navy lead in ships bringing in goods, and then escort them back out, making sure they don't overstay their welcome.

No one in the military will spend more than three days away from his family, unless there are special circumstances. This means that most of them live along the coast and the border areas of the US. Military men will live no more than 2 hours from their post.