The Drafting Process

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Everyone gets a draft notice. Here's what they get.

What Women Get

Approximately a year before they are due to be drafted, women begin to receive packages in the mail. Each package is a couple of pages about their future husband. Every month they will receive a new packet with new information, so that by the time they are drafted, they know all the major information that the Trust feels they need to know. This information includes:

  • The draft date
  • Husband's full name
  • A picture of Husband
  • Husband's sexual tastes, turn ons/offs, fantasies as based off his sponsor visits
  • A complete list of the husband's immediate family
  • Favorite foods/meals
  • Medical conditions/allergies
  • List of likes/dislikes as gleaned through interactions with other people.
  • $1000 is deposited into the household account for the wife to use to beautify her home.

Where does this information come from?

A man is observed by educators and peers throughout his life. Everything in a wife's packet is information based on those observations. From time to time, men will fill out a survey to find out some things, but since they can't be trusted to be completely truthful, these are not trusted as much. Almost everything is a best guess.

What Males Get

Two weeks before their draft date, men get a letter in the mail that gives them their wife's name, a general physical description and the date and appointment time.

The Week Before The Draft Date

If both parties are moving, then about a week prior to the draft, boxes will arrive at the respective homes for the future spouses to pack up their belongings. The future spouses are encouraged to purchase travel size toiletries to use the night before as everything else should be packed up and ready to go. The only clothing left will be the night clothes and the outfit you wear for your draft.

The day before the draft, said boxes are picked up, and while you are at the courthouse getting married, they are delivered to your new home. (Sometimes, there is an excess of people moving, and things will be delivered a bit sooner) Most of the time, these boxes will all be put in the master bedroom.

If a man already has a home, a maid will come and clean the house the morning of the draft. If he has children, he will need to make arrangements for them to be housed elsewhere until he returns from his honeymoon. If he can't work it out, it will be done for him.

The kitchen will be fully stocked so the new wife doesn't have to worry about going grocery shopping until she returns from her honeymoon.

Don't forget the special honeymoon basket!

Getting Married and After

Future spouses must be at the JoP no later than their appointed time. When you check in, you must scan your chip to verify your identity. If you are more than ten minutes late, an investigation will be automatically triggered. If you are found to be at fault, then consequences will ensue.

At the appointment time, the spouses names will be called, and they proceed back to an office where a Justice of the Peace walks them through the paperwork and gives them rings and keys. If the man has been married before, he'll just get the wife's keys.

For first time men, the GPS in their new car is programmed with the fastest route to their new home. Stops can be made, but you must be in your home within an hour, otherwise you could be flagged for investigation.


Along with the boxes, the wife's new car is delivered to the house. A husband's car is waiting at the JoP. A tag on the keychain will tell him what spot the car is parked in.

Undrafted men have to drop off their loaner car on the day they get married. Undrafted women must take a taxi, ride the bus, walk, or get a ride.

The Lockdown

Houses are smart. During lockdown, no windows or doors in the home will open until the appointed time to catch your taxi to the airport. If an emergency occurs, emergency works can access the house with a master key and a thumbprint. There is paperwork to file in these cases. . If the husband lives in Old Town, he and his new wife will spend their lockdown in a hotel.