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For widows, teaching at St Martha's is a high honor. Your character is chosen based on her academic record and a clean background check. Teachers were the best of the best in their class for whatever subject they are instructing, as well as having an excellent academic record. These women were drafted on their 18th birthday after acing their exit exams. They have never been in trouble with The Trust or law enforcement. They are chosen because they are the perfect example of a perfect wife.

To be considered for a teaching position, you must have been married for at least 5 years to the same husband. Children are not a requirement unless they are teaching a class related to children or pregnancy. The teacher doing sex education must have spent at least 5 years sponsoring with at least 1 year of doing nothing but sponsoring.

You must also have spent at least 2 years as a teaching assistant. When you have met the minimum requirements and a full time position opens up in the assigned section, they will have the chance to move to a full time position.


If you qualify to be a teacher's assistant, there are two ways you can get this job. You can apply, but if you don't meet the criteria, you will be denied. In rare cases, if there is a particular need for teachers, the school might accept a widow who is less than their perfect ideal, but she must be pretty close.

The second option is that the Trust can approach you. If you are personally selected, you can decline if you so choose. However, be aware that this means the Trust considers you to be absolute perfection. And therefore, this is an honor.

Once you become an Assistant, you will attend an orientation. At this meeting, you will be assigned a subject. When applying for a full time position, it must be in an area you were an assistant in.

An assistant is still expected to sponsor on the weekends. Because you are working Monday - Thursday at St Martha's, you can only sponsor one day a week (Friday - Sunday). You cannot sponsor more than one day a week once teaching.

Assistants can return to their apartment at night. You can leave at 4 pm and must return by 8 am the next day. There is a TA dorm with 4 beds per room if you want to stay on campus. You must go back to your apartment on Thursday and return by 7 am Monday.

What do teacher's assistants do?

It's like student teaching. They help grade and tutor students. Mostly, they shadow the full time teachers.

Is it possible to be an assistant at one school and take a full-time position that opens up at another school?

Absolutely. Full time positions don't open up at the drop of a hat, so sometimes to get a full time job one must switch schools.

Is it possible for a teacher's assistant to transfer to another school as a teacher's assistant?

Absolutely. The Trust can also move you if they deem it necessary.

Does she wear a specific uniform?

Assistants wear a grey jumper dress similar to the student uniform. They must wear a white or black blouse beneath it and black heels. Jewelry and hairstyle are left up to the woman.


To be a full time teacher, you must have been an assistant for at least 2 years and be at least 35 years old.

Once you become a full time teacher, you no longer have to sponsor. Your workweek is Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Fridays are meant for grading and preparing the next week's lessons. You get moved into a new apartment building on campus ground. You are allowed to have visitors and they do not require a security check unlike the rest of the campus. Private tutoring of students in your home is allowed.

There is no uniform, but she is expected to adhere strictly to dress code laws.

Can she be fired for inappropriate behavior?

Repeated offenses will cause dismissal. However, since teachers are the cream of the crop, the government is more inclined to be lenient with first time offenses. Unpaid leave and forced transfers can be levied in addition to the hours of reeducation.


There are other jobs that you might do if you can't be a TA.

Dining Hall

All the cooking and cleaning has to be done by someone. Students that earn extra chores will be sent here to be supervised as well. These women must still sponsor 1 day a week and keep their apartment.

Janitor/Grounds Keeping

The upkeep of the school is done by widows, dusting, polishing, mowing the grass, etc. This work can also be assigned to wayward students and supervised. Like the other non-teachers, you keep your apartment and sponsor 1 day a week.

Office Administration

The headmistress of St Martha's was picked for her years of service and she gets to hire her own secretary and receptionist. The headmistress is given her own one bedroom cottage on campus, while her team lives in the apartments with the teachers. These women do not have to sponsor.