Love, True Love

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In the context of our site, love is not a goal that most people have. Most people just want to live out their lives beneath the notice of the officials of the Trust.

Love, as we know it the 21st century, doesn't necessarily have the same definition as it does under the Trust. Part of the problem the Trust saw with the way things were was that young folks were (in their eyes) confusing love and lust. They looked at stats from so-called "love" marriages versus "arranged" marriages, and to their surprise, they found that arranged marriages seemed stronger and longer lasting.

Since they took over, they've advocated that love is something you can find in your marriage if you just try hard enough. To the Trust, love is defined as having a happy and fulfilling marriage, correctly raised children, and living to a nice, ripe, old age.

Romantic books and movies are still produced, but they are generally between a newly drafted couple and stick to the Trust's definition of love. They are not Disney fairy tales.

This, of course, only speaks to romantic love, not the sort of love you might feel for your children or other members of your family.

Can your character still fall truly, madly, deeply? YES. Human beings as a whole are loving, caring creatures, and have an infinite capacity for love. We don't discourage romantic plots, all we ask is that if your character believes in love, hopes for love, fights for love, that there is some rhyme and reason behind it. Did they hear a story handed down? Do they define love as the relationship their parents had? You just have to come up with some decent explanation for why they aren't falling for the standard line.

Love - according to the Trust- is not something to strive for. It's a happy accident, or a product of respect and trust that developed over years.