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Who are the live in mistresses?

Live-in mistresses are undraftable widows. They can elect to be a live in rather than to continue to sponsor. They are assigned by the Trust to families who need a helping hand after a child is added to the family. She is supposed to help the wife run the home and take care of the children. There can also be a sexual aspect to the live-in's relationship with her male employer, if his wife cannot or will not meet his sexual needs, but it isn't mandatory.

Requirements for a mistress:

  • She cannot be related to the family she's working for in any way.
  • She will live with the family full-time until the youngest child turns six.
  • She can quit for any reason or be fired.
  • Single men without children cannot have a live-in mistress assigned to them.

Getting a Live-In

Men waiting for a new draft - with children

Men that are waiting for a new wife can employ a mistress to help raise the children and keep the household running smoothly. This employment can end with the new wife’s appearance, or it can continue until the youngest child enters school, depending on what the man wants.

Men married with children

A married couple must have a child under the age of six to have a full time mistress assigned to their home. If they need assistance with children over the age of six, they can hire a nanny for those hours, but she would not be a live-in mistress.

How does the process work?

Men go to the JoP building and fill out the appropriate forms. A widow that is employed as a mistress will receive a letter with the details of the family, and can choose if she wishes to accept. It is suggested that she spend a week with the family to help them all decide if the assignment is a good fit.