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Welcome to the glorious future, citizen! All of the homes in Tidewater are state-of-the-art smart homes! With nothing more than an app that automatically downloads itself to your phone once you get drafted, you are in complete control of your home! You can change the color and brightness of every light in your house! (And you'll never have to remind anyone to turn the lights off when they leave a room--the lights will do that themselves!)

Did you forget to turn the thermostat down before you went on vacation? Use the app to control your thermostat from anywhere! Your fridge can tell your wife what she needs to pick up from the store, and your dryer can send you a text message or flash messages at the control panels in the house when it's done. (The Trust hasn't invented self-folding laundry yet, sadly. Sorry, bachelors!)

Best of all, our homes learn from your routine! Your alarm clocks will set themselves and remind you to go to bed! Your coffee pot will set itself for you so you'll always greet each morning with a fresh pot! Your sprinklers will run at your preferred time! The Trust has truly improved our standard of living, citizens!

Security and Safety features

All houses are equipped to respond to their residents' microchips. No need to worry about losing a keycard or remembering a complicated passcode! Simply place whichever hand has the chip in it on the sensor and voila! You can rest assured that no one except you will be able to enter your home. (Except for law enforcement, repairmen, and emergency services personnel, who will either have had their chips programmed with a "master key" or have access to a master key card).

All of the windows in our smart homes are made of the highest quality gorilla glass, and it's gonna take more than the neighbor kid's baseball to break 'em!

Every home comes standard with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and intruder alarms. Rest assured that your family will be safe, even if you don't lock your doors at night.

You can lock or unlock the doors and windows from your phone app in addition to the various control panels around the house. (But not during your lockdown, you mischievous newlyweds! The Department of Housing will temporarily override those controls as soon as your lockdown starts.)

In case of an emergency during your lockdown, first responders are able to override the commands from the Department of Housing and get into your home. Don't worry about them entering on false pretenses--they must file a report within twenty-four hours explaining why they entered your home.

Every control panel in the home has an "emergency alert" button, so you'll never have to worry about being away from your phone if you need to call 911.

In addition, every home features a panic button, conveniently located on the master control panel. Press the button and all of your doors and windows will lock at once!


Every smart home comes equipped with two compact home batteries! These batteries are charged by solar panels located on the roof in addition to receiving power from the main grid. In the event of an outage or emergency, most smart homes can maintain power for up to seven days.

Floor Plans

Family homes have four bedrooms, so there's plenty of room to grow. Empty-nesters live in cozy two-bedroom cottages, and undraftable widowed women are assigned spacious apartments. Oldtown residents, your homes are renovated mansions, and some of them are older than the Trust, so do take care with them!