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After the lockdown, the newlyweds are taken to the airport and sent off to one of two honeymoon destinations.


Sometime after they solidified power in 2100, the government purchased this poor, bankrupt country. Mexico was turned into a playground for Trust citizens. Anyone that has a government job (city, state, region, federal) is given two weeks at a timeshare in Mexico as a perk of their position.

There are a few full time residents, but for the most part, the coast is dotted with resorts for people to enjoy. People who have been more careful with their money might own a condo here. (Or the property might have been passed down through the family)

There are vacation plans for all budgets. A rested worker is a happy worker, and the Trust believes in making sure you have vacations.

Differences in Mexico

Mexico is far more relaxed when it comes to decency laws. As long as husbands allow it, wives can run around in string bikinis. That's a lot of skin to ogle and admire. The birthplace of Syn is also here. Virgin drinks will be served to anyone under legal age.

Honeymoon Details

Your honeymoon is a three day/three night affair. The doors of your home will unlock at a specified time (generally around 430 am the next morning) for you to catch the pre-arranged taxi to the airport. You will board a flight that takes approximately five hours (give or take and depending on your layover). In every case, you will land in Mexico by 11 am (Tidewater time). Mexico timezones are 3 hours behind Tidewater. You will be whisked from the airport to your assigned honeymoon location to enjoy the sand, sun, sea and your new spouse.

There are mandatory activities you will be expected to attend. On day 2, you will be given a couples massage, and a four course dinner served in the main restaurant of your hotel/condo/resort. On day 3, you are expected to attend a half hour counseling session to see how you and your new spouse are handling the situation.


Montana had become such a tourist spot that the Trust decided to start sending honeymooning couples there. While you won’t see the string bikini clad goodness of Mexico, the wide open spaces, mountains and beautiful scenery provide a nice backdrop of their own.

In Montana, you can visit some of the state parks, museums, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, climbing, and all sorts of other outdoor activities. Decency laws are relaxed here as well, allowing women to be more comfortable in the colder climate. As long as husbands allow, shorts and pants can be worn here.

Honeymoon Details

As with Mexico, you will be whisked away early in the morning to arrive by 11 am at the airport in Montana. Depending on the season and weather, there are a variety of activities available to you, including skiing, hiking and fly fishing. Some people will stay in cabins, others will stay in more of a resort/condo type facility. You will have the same mandatory activities as listed above, and will be returned to Tidewater at the end of your stay.

Mexican Cruise

The Trust recently decided to start utilizing cruise ships for honeymoons! Spend your time together on the deck of the massive ship, soaking up the sun's rays or swimming in the on deck pool. There are some stops along the way when the ship will go into port at a couple of the exotic islands, and you'll have the opportunity to sink your toes in the sand, go snorkeling, and swim with the dolphins.

Honeymoon Details

Just like with Mexico and Montana, you get whisked away from your home around 4:30 in the morning and take a flight to the most northern border of Mexico, arriving by 11am Tidewater time. From there you will board your cruise ship, and spend the entire first day at sea.