Getting Away with Illegal Things

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Vices are often an integral part of character development. Some vices are illegal now, like cigarettes and alcohol. How do you put these aspects in without getting your character executed? There are several ways, and we hope that the things listed below assist you in your creation.


Because E-cigs don't actually contain nicotine, these appliances are completely legal. There is an addictive chemical that is harmless to the consumer, except for the money it costs to purchase it.

If you know where to purchase such things, you can get illegal refills for these appliances that contain nicotine. No one will ever know unless they test the refill itself. Just don't ingest it. It's poisonous.

A word of caution - if you do make your character addicted to nicotine, you'll need to fully explain how they got hooked in the first place.

Herbal Cigarettes

These cigarettes are made with cornsilk, lemongrass, and mint. Some are even made with dried lettuce! These do not contain nicotine or tobacco, but do offer that satisfying burning plant smell and sensation, unlike vapes.


Syn is a colorless, odorless substance that, when mixed with other beverages, mimics the pleasant effects of alcohol--that happy, buzzing feeling, relaxation, and lowered inhibitions without the negative side effects associated with alcohol; like vomiting, the hangover, and the impairment. The effects of syn only last for an hour and it’s impossible to drink enough to make a person, say, black out. It was originally only allowed in Mexico until early in 2190. Syn champagne will be in every couple's honeymoon basket. Furthermore, bottles of syn wine, brandy, or other liquor will be available for purchase from the country club or the gentleman's club, just in case you want to take some home with you.* (restrictions apply) * no more than two bottles per household per week may be purchased.

Persons under the age of eighteen may not consume syn, and if they are caught doing so they will be fined and put into Corrections for a correctional class. "Virgin" versions of the infamous syn cocktails have been around for decades and will be made for underagers who ask for them. Bartenders who sell syn to underage persons will be fined and may face more serious repercussions.

Remember that you can still get a DUI, and have fun!


Moonshine can't be made on a small scale. The cops would find your still and catch you out. However, if you know what you're doing, you could make wine or brew beer at home. Just don't buy the things you need to brew all the time or exclusively, because the Trust tracks that kind of thing. Keep it hidden and don't get drunk in public, because if you do, you won't have the opportunity to make it again.

Banned Books

Families pass down these books from generation to generation and keep them a secret. There are a few digital editions, on encrypted USB keys and SD cards. As long as the government doesn't search your computer, you should be safe. Do keep in mind that the internet is monitored, heavily, so you cannot transmit these digital editions.


With the right connections, you can get anything. Porno included. Like books, it's on encrypted USB and SD cards. Actors wear masks to help protect their identities. There are some live streams on secured networks, but access is expensive and exclusive.