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The Sons of Satan Motorcycle Club

The Sons of Satan are a motorcycle club that used to call Ashpoint home. When Tidewater folks talk about Ashpoint refugees bringing in the criminal element, SOSMC is probably who they mean. For years their big cash cow was smuggling drugs, pornography, alcohol, and birth control options as well as running a prostitution ring.

But now? Bad luck has struck them again. In 2165, a botched run for the Canadian border cut the club in half and ended with 13 extra children in the care of the Warrington family. In 2190, there was the Ashpoint explosion. A couple of the members were killed in the big bang and the police raid that immediately followed (it was pretty much a "shoot first, ask questions later" situation on the part of the Ashpoint police) But then there were the investigations: it's pretty tough to hide your contraband and dirty secrets when you're being forced to pack up your entire life in a Uhaul and drive to a new town. Not to mention the members who were relocated to other towns. (No new characters could/would have been involved in the Ashpoint Incident.)

Now the remaining members of the Sons of Satan are faced with a choice: give up or figure out how to survive. They're going to need to cut down their operations into something more manageable and they need to sort out their membership. Prospects are going to be pressured into fully patching in. Full members are going to have to pick up the work abandoned by those who are gone. A select few are going to have to move up the ranks and take on more responsibility. And of course, new prospects will need to be scouted, they need numbers if they want to get anything done.

Publicly, just like bikers of today, motorcycle clubs try to put up a legit facade to hide all their bad boy activity. They do toy drives before Christmas and organize charity bike rallies. Anything that might make them look like upstanding members of the community who just happen to like motorbikes. Sadly it seems that the residents of Tidewater aren't buying it. Most are fairly certain these guys are the root of the Ashpoint problem (and given that the late member Daxton Kilmichael was responsible for the explosion they probably aren't wrong). And with the Tidewater resistance being largely women, all political, and no naughtiness the SOS aren't sure they'll find friends there.

To create a new character joining the SOSMC you'll first want to PM a player with a member and chat. All new prospects need a sponsor to vouch for them before they can enter the probationary period.

  • President: Quincy Warrington
  • Vice President: Diesel Brannon
  • Secretary: Jayse Kane
  • Treasurer: Donnie Roth
  • Sergeant at Arms: Lou Varela
  • Road Captain: Yakiv Chownyk
  • Enforcer: Padraic Metzger, Dominic Hahn
  • Patched Members: Ashton Wilder, Simon Majumder, Fox Varela, Jethro Black
  • Prospects: Shiloh Nash, Connor Roth, Carson Acidalia
  • Friends of the Club: Xanthippe Hahn
  • Sweetbutts: Scout Varela, Phoebe Varela, Calista Campos-Varela
  • Old Ladies: Lucasta Chownyk, Nova Acidalia, Whitley Harris
  • Deceased: Reghan Cullen - executed by club for forcing himself on Cassia. Daxton Carmichael and Lucius Harrington - killed in Ashpoint Incident.

SOSMC: Becoming a Member

  • To reach 'friend' of the club level - you must plot out a friendship with someone in the club. Keep in mind that the patched member that is introducing you into the club is putting his name and his patch at risk. If you betray the club, that person can (and likely will) lose their patch and be expelled along with you.
  • To reach 'prospect' - Well, once you've plotted a friendship, you are a prospect. As a prospect, you will be expected to do 2 threads in a six month period. One thread will be with Quincy.
  • After those threads, there will be a mandatory patch thread (might be a group type thing so several patchings at once)
  • Once you are a fully patched member, you must have at least one club thread every six months.

We hope that these rules will make it more clear, and will boost activity within the club.

  • If you want to have a character that is from another club - things get more complicated.
    • Transferring club membership isn't as easy as showing up and going - Hey, I was HA, now I wanna be Sons. No, no. That would be bad. So, if someone were to do that, after the severe beatdown from HA, including tattoo removal and def patch removal - then they'd be taken into the Sons through the same steps as any other new member. They might even have a longer time period to prove themselves since they already abandoned one club.
    • If you are moving into the region from outside of it, then you don't have to abandon your old club, you can simply add a 'nomad patch' and that will keep you from consequences. It will also smooth your path into Sons affiliation (although not direct patching)

SOSMC: Sweetbutts and Old Ladies

  • Sweetbutts are girls that are somehow attached to the club, and are...well, to be nice, they are the concubines. They keep the unattached (or unhappily drafted) men happy. (wink wink nudge nudge)
  • Old Lady - This is a term that elevates a sweetbutt (or any other woman in the club) to a protected status. Old Ladies *can* be shared, but that's up to the man they 'belong' to. Being declared is basically a man saying he owns that ass. If you mess with it, you mess with him.
  • A significant other has to declare you an 'old lady' Generally, husbands or lovers of long standing. For instance, Lex had declared Whitley her 'old lady'. It was respected due to Lex's family, but generally held little weight. (Mostly because they were both women)
  • To become a sweetbutt, you simply have to be attached to the club. You can be a wife of a prospect, a wife of a member, a widow of a member...pretty much anything. They might even have a few that are sort of hangers-on. Sweetbutts (with exceptions) are generally the lowest of the low in the club.
  • All women that are declared an 'Old Lady' will have a file on them (generally held by the man that declared them) that holds information about their involvement. This file is meant to protect the Sons and make sure that if she tattles, they can tattle. When a woman is declared, the couple will be visited and told what sort of activity they must do to begin to involve them in the club for blackmail purposes.
  • Sweetbutts will also have a file, because after all, they are engaging in illegal acts as well.

SOSMC: Women's Club

Due to the low numbers of members, Quincy took the unusual step of following in the New York chapter's footsteps and allowing Women to patch into the SOSMC. This is a special condition, currently only extended to Padraic's wife, Lucasta Chownyk. These women are known and trusted allies to the club, and will lay down their lives just as surely as any man.

The women run their section separately from the men, although Lucasta is allowed to sit in on the main business meetings of the SOSMC.

If a player wants to be in the women's club, they will need to plot it out with Lucasta.

Tidewater Resistance

The East Coast is no stranger to resistance movements. Not even Tidewater is completely free of them. Tidewater's resistance, while never flourishing, was always quietly there. Until the Ashpoint Incident.

Every single citizen with suspected ties to the resistance was arrested and summarily executed. Mostly it was the men who were arrested--there were women who were taken away, too, but the vast, vast majority of citizens arrested were men. A small number of innocent men were even arrested.

The resistance in Tidewater is headed by two undraftable women now. One was married to the former leader. The other was married to a man who was completely innocent. Most of the remaining members are the widowed wives of the men the Trust took away. Some are draftable, most are not. There are some men, too--sons of innocent men who were arrested. Men unhappy with their drafts. What you generally don't find in the Tidewater resistance are folks who there for the contraband--illegal drugs and sex are not allowed at meetings and if you try to indulge in either of those things at a meeting you will not be invited back.

They meet in a long-abandoned church where the RFID signals the microchips give off are scrambled. Maybe it's a glitch in the system. Maybe the nearby cell tower interferes with the microchip signals. Whatever the reason, it's the safest place for the resistance to hide, for now.

They're well aware of Ashpoint's few remaining resistance members, and they've cautiously invited them to join them. But with Ashpoint's resistance being as male-dominated as it once was, tensions are sure to rise fast...