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At the age of 18, all men take an aptitude test. This test determines the most likely career path that the men will take. Those that go to college will enjoy a short summer break, and then return to classes in mid August. The Trust pays for the education, and therefore decides which college you will be enrolled in. There are online courses that can be taken as well, so in most cases, a man will never be more than two hours away from his university. In very rare cases, men will be relocated to attend college. If they can’t be fostered by a relative, then they will be given an apartment in the retirement community until he is drafted or finishes school.

Does the government keep from drafting the young man while he's in school?

No. From the day he turns 20 until the day he turns 65, a man can and will be drafted at any given time. If he is still in school, then he will be given a home to live in (as normal) and his wife will be expected to be supportive and helpful while he continues to attend classes. He will also be given a part time job to help with expenses, this job will relate to his career path.

Do some careers hold promotions and advancements?

Some jobs require promotions. Generally, a man fresh out of college is not a good choice for CEO. One could work up to a higher position, as long as it makes sense for that career path.

Are there any careers that are 'off-limits' in the setting?

Yes, but for the most part, we do allow creative license. Men cannot be anything the government would deem "immoral". No models, no professional dancers, nothing of that nature.

Professions that seem "feminine" but are necessary (hairdresser, make up artist, maid services, etc) are managed by men, but the bulk of the work is done by widows and wives looking for part time work. Men that find themselves on this path are told that they’ll learn the trade but be encouraged to find women to do the actual work. The men are a figurehead.

Writers and Artists?

Writing: Most things that necessary (textbooks, magazines, newspapers, TV/movies) are paid for by the government. Non-fiction that is necessary would also fall in this category. Fiction is written by freelancers, anyone can self publish (via the internet). If you gain enough of a following, and have written enough, then the government might choose to support your books, but only if they are of the approved variety. If they do this, then you would get a small sum per book. This would not be your job. Just a bit of an extra boost.

Artists are mainly employed by the government to recreate old masterpieces. These replicas are used to decorate people's homes. If you wanted to paint independently, then you would have to sell those paintings under the table. Just as with writers, if you show enough of a following, then the government could choose to sponsor you. Again, this would be a supplement to your main salary.

Is the amount of schooling different?

No. They haven't figured out how to shrink schooling. Even if you are a genius, because of the maturity level needed and the Trust's grand plan, no one is able to skip more than 1 grade, and even then, they are only allowed to do so at the primary level. (up to age 9) If you aren't sure how long it takes to be a thing, google it.

Is college required?

No. If college is not required, there will be on the job training or time at a trade school. Military careers will go to boot camp.


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