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The Brighter Horizons Institute: a correction program for those struggling with same sex attraction

Signing up

By agreeing to enter the program and facing your homosexuality head on you are agreeing to enter intensive therapy with the goal of returning you to heterosexuality. You will leave your home, family and job. The program begins with isolation in the facility, you will only see your therapist, other sufferers and the facilities staff. You will not be allowed any personal effects. You are relinquishing all your choices to your therapist, there is no opting out of any parts of your treatment plan. You will live, eat, sleep, breathe the treatment program.

Your spouse will not be ignored. During the period where you are being evaluated they will also be entering therapy and re-educated as to their responsibility as a spouse. If their therapists feel that they put in every effort to help you, they would be redrafted in the event you are deemed beyond hope.

The return of the bracelets with new purpose.

In their hiatus the bracelet technology has improved. Their tracking is more sensitive and reversed to sense how close you are to a member of the same sex. A chime begins to sound if you get too close (within a foot), and it's volume gradually increases the longer you stay too close. If you are within touching/intimate distance and your heart-rate increases you will receive a shock that will increase in power the longer you stay that close.

The bracelets can also be accessed and controlled by the therapists, It can be used as a form of electro-shock therapy or If they feel you've run away and need to be forcibly returned to the facility.

If your treatment is successful

You will begin to be gifted with certain freedoms. You will be allowed visitations, first with your spouse and eventually other family members. Eventually you may be granted permission to leave the grounds for certain hours.

If they have deemed you well enough to rejoin society you may go back to your home and spouse. You will continue with outpatient therapy until your therapist is satisfied that you will not backslide. You will be stuck with your bracelet for life, though it will be reprogrammed to be limited to tracking and the chime/alarm that will only go off if you get too close to another person of your gender wearing the bracelet.

If your treatment is not successful

If the intensive therapy to "fix" you does not work then you run the risk of being secretly hustled off to the labour camps in Alaska and Hawaii. If you are incurable but well behaved you may be permitted to live at the facility and work as a cook, janitor, orderly or some other support role. Either way you are not going to be re-entering society if they don't think you're cured.