Boys' Education

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Prior to 2190, children went to separate schools. There was no integration.

All children, up the age of 11, attend St. Thomas Aquinas Primary School. School runs from August 10 (or the closest Monday to it) through June 1 (or the closest Friday.) There are several holidays throughout the year.

Once a male reaches the age of 11, they are admitted to St Benedict's School for Boys. Like the girls, the boys are given a summer break, and then start at their new facility.. If your son's 11th birthday falls between the beginning of July to the end of December, then they will be admitted to school following the Christmas break in January. If their 11th birthday falls between the beginning of January to the end of June, then they will be admitted to school in July. School is divided by age/year, (just like the girls) and boys graduate at 18. (just like the girls.) They wear a uniform just like the girls. Khaki/navy pants, white dress shirt, navy vest/sweater.

Vacations are the same as the girls as well, except for when they graduate.

  • 1 week at Thanksgiving
  • 1 week at Christmas
  • The entire months of June and July.
  • 2 days for Easter (Friday/Monday)

Where it differs:

The difference is that boys don't board at the school. They come home each and every night.

Boys are giving a grounding in math, science, literature, geography, history (of the Trust approved kind) and a basic class about the draft and what to expect. Boys that show an aptitude for various subjects can request advanced classes, although they are not always granted. Basically, everything you would learn in school now, is taught as well, along with any adjusted information the Trust wants to give out.

At age 18, they take their aptitude tests to determine their future careers. IF they pass all their other classes, they then graduate in June. If college is needed, then they are sent on in September to continue their studies at an appropriate facility. If not, then they start their new job in September.